Back-to-school safety tips

Back-to-school time is here! This is an ideal time to help children understand how to stay safe on the way to and from school, during school hours, and while they’re on the Internet. Here are three topics you may want to discuss with your child:

Keeping personal information private. Children need to know that it’s not OK to give out personal information to strangers or while they are online.

How to deal with a bully. Many kids have no idea how to deal with a school bully. Encourage your children to let you know if they feel uncomfortable at school. For more information about dealing with bullying, go here.

Staying safe at school – and on the way there. Does your child get to school on a bicycle? No matter how short the ride, insist your children wear helmets. Here are some more bicycle safety tips and tips for traveling to and from school safely, whether by walking, bicycling or riding a bus.

The FBI offers a great safety review for children. You can check it out here.

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