Bundling your insurance policies can save time, money

Businesses often purchase many different types of insurance, even if they are small. Bundling those policies – or buying most of your insurance from the same company – can result in a substantial discount on your overall insurance costs.

But that’s not the only benefit of bundling. Here are some other perks:

It makes life easier. You’ll have fewer checks to write and fewer policies to keep track of. Your annual insurance checkups will be easier, too. Although you can’t bundle every type of insurance coverage, you can reduce the number of companies you deal with.

It helps build a relationship with one agent . Bundling policies gives you a chance to develop a better relationship with your insurance professional. How can that help your business? A good insurance agent can be an invaluable business partner, helping ensure that you purchase the right amount and right type of insurance for your company.

It’s easier to set up an automatic payment plan. If you bundle your policies, you can arrange to have one automatic withdrawal from your business that covers several different types of insurance.

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