Car buyer’s guide: Which vehicles will cost you the most in repairs?

Before you buy a new Maserati or minivan, you might want to find out how that new set of wheels is going to affect your wallet.

If you can afford a Maserati Granturismo – with its minimum pricetag of $139,900 – then maybe you won’t mind that insurance companies consider it the most pricey car to repair. Its collision costs are 326 percent higher than the average car.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has compiled this report comparing the insurance costs of dozen of vehicles, ranging from Dodge Caravans to Volkswagen Beetles to Honda Civics.

So, here’s a peek at which vehicles are the most expensive to repair – and which will likely lead to higher insurance rates.

Most Expensive:

  • Maserati Grantursmo – Price tag: $139,900 (Repair costs 326 percent higher than average.)
  • Mercedes Benz CL class – Price tag: $158,700 (Repair costs 212 percent higher than average.
  • Nissan GTR 4WD – Price tag: $89,950 (Repair costs 192 percent higher than average.

Least Expensive

  • Chevrolet Express 3500 Cargo Van – Price tag: $25,090 (Repair costs 69 percent lower than average.)
  • Volvo XC60 – Price tag: $33,300 (Repair costs 67 percent lower than average.)
  • Ford E-150 Econoline Van – Price tag: $28,760 (Repair costs 67 percent lower than average.)

Want to find out how your own car fares? Here’s where to look.

QUICK HINT: If your dream car – whether it’s a Shelby GT or a PT Cruiser – has a score of 100, then the fix-up costs are about average. If the score is lower than 100, the repair costs are below-average. And if they are higher than 100, you can expect higher insurance costs.


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