Flood insurance: An important (and easy!) resolution for 2013

If your 2013 goal for your house is to retile the bathroom yourself, let’s be honest here: You’re probably just going to end 2013 with a half-ripped-up floor. If your goal is to build a fence, there’s a good chance that you’ll be looking at a few ruined bags of cement and a pile of soggy wood come November.

Goals are a great thing. Aspiring to better ourselves, our relationships, or our homes is the first step towards actually making those improvements.

But all-too-often, our goals are simply too lofty. Making a goal without a plan is a recipe for failure.

Often the best goals are specific and can be accomplished swiftly. So, instead of setting a goal to “have a clean house,” a goal to “put things away when done using them” is more achievable.

Instead of making a goal like “take care of my family and home” — a worthwhile goal, but one so vague that it offers no real guidance — you should probably make more specific and narrow goals.

Allow us to suggest one: “Get flood insurance.”

Homeowner insurance almost never covers flood damage. But an alarmingly-large number of people still do not purchase flood insurance coverage.

If you do not have flood insurance for your home or business, we cannot stress enough how important it is.

Make flood insurance your resolution for 2013. It will protect your assets and those you care about from the catastrophic loss that can be associated with a flood. And it can take as little as a few minutes to purchase flood insurance. In fact, if you’re reading this and you don’t have flood insurance, maybe you should just do it right now. Just click here to get started.


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