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Spring is almost here, and that means for many of us it is time to take our motorcycles out of storage and get them ready to hit the road.  Here are a few tips on getting your bike road-ready for the spring!

Get your motorcycle road ready tip #1: Open the filler cap and look for gunk. If the fuel is questionable, it may be a good idea to drain the tank, fuel lines and carburetor.

Get your motorcycle road ready tip #2: Before starting your bike, remove the spark plugs and pour two tablespoons of oil into the spark plug ports to lubricate the top portion of the cylinder walls.  Slowly crank it over with the kick starter and listen for any abnormal noises. Then start it and let it run a few minutes in a well-ventilated area. If anything seems unusual, have your bike checked out by a factory-trained mechanic.

Get your motorcycle road ready tip #3: Oil degrades in the off-season – now is a great time to change it to keep your engine in shape.

Get your motorcycle road ready tip #4: Check your clutch, brake and coolant levels and top off any that need it.
Get your motorcycle road ready tip #5: Look over your suspension and tires. Check your tires for excessive wear, stress marks, cracks or flat spots.  Inspect and correct the following equipment after pulling your bike from storage: brake pads and shoes, coolant hoses and brake lines, cables, turn signals, reverse lights, kill switch, horn and headlight. If your bike has hydraulic brakes, check the fluid level and follow the manufacturer's recommendations.

I hope you found these suggestions useful.  In addition, it’s always a good idea to review your motorcycle insurance to make sure it is up to date.  I fo you have any questions about insuring your motorcycle don’t hesitate to give us a call. Have fun and be safe!

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