How to drive safely with your pooch

If you plan to putter around with your pooch in the car, you probably should think about how to keep your pet safe if something happens on the road.

Safe driving isn’t just about humans anymore.

With rising concerns about distracted driving on America’s roads, the sales of doggie safety equipment such as specialized seat belts and harnesses are also on the up and up, according to Wall Street Journal columnist and ABC News Good Morning America contributor Wendy Bounds.

Here’s a look at some of the hottest products available to protect your pooch.

  1. Pet ramp: This gives your pet an easier, and safer, step into the back seat. Models  range from $43 to $108 online.
  2. Booster seat: This provides your pampered pooch a more comfortable ride, and a less obstructed view, while accompanying you in the car. You can buy one online for $16 to $52.
  3. Back seat barrier: This keeps your pet from hovering over the back seat while you’re driving. It also could protect your dog from coming over the seat in the unlikely event of a crash. You can buy one online for $21 to $48.
  4. Tru-Fit Smart Harness: This holds your dog in place during a crash. Quite simply, it is a doggie seat belt. It will cost you $16 to $21 online.
  5. Wander Hammock Car Seat Protector: This provides you peace of mind by ensuring that your doggie’s paws won’t make a mess out of your back seat. You can buy one online for $54 to $65.
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