Lower Premiums for Teen Driver Auto Insurance

Truth: teen driver auto insurance is usually higher than that of more experienced drivers. Based on the records of IIHS or the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, teens are 6 times more likely to have an accident than mature drivers.

That does not mean, though, there is no way you can save on your insurance premiums. Insurance companies are not as unforgiving as you might think.

Here are some of the best ways to reduce the insurance premium:

1. Compare insurance companies. By comparison shopping, you can save as much as 30 percent on premiums. Insure Right Insurance Agency, for example, works with top-rated insurance companies, such as Auto-Owners, MetLife Auto & Home, The Hartford, Safeco and Travelers.

2. Encourage them to get good grades. Most insurers offer discounts to drivers who are full-time students and are certified academic achievers, with at least 3.0 grade-point average. The discount can be between 5 and 35 percent.

3. Do not let them get tickets. Tickets are not good. They are proof your teen is not familiar with the road rules or worse chooses to ignore and violate them. It takes years before violations fall off his or her record.

But what if he or she already has one? Find out if your state offers a ticket pardon. If it does, enroll your teen right away to a recommended traffic school. That will hopefully prevent a possible premium increase. Know, though, that this is a limited privilege. It works only if your teen possesses at most 2 tickets within a year.

4. Keep their records clean. Talk to your teen about the dangers of drinking and driving. Advise them to avoid a DUI (driving under influence) violation at all costs. It increases premiums to hundreds to thousands of dollars for as long as five years. In addition to drinking and driving, remind your teen driver of the risks of any kind of distracted driving, such as, texting, eating, putting on make-up, talking on a cell phone, etc. 

5. Choose the right car. The car your teen drives does matter. It is common for insurers to offer lower premiums to vehicles equipped with excellent safety and anti-theft features such as alarms, GPS, seatbelts, airbags, and anti-lock braking systems.

However, expect the premiums to skyrocket if your teen is driving a sports car or an expensive model, such as a Mustang or a Camero. These types of cars not only require costly maintenance, but they are also more susceptible to theft.

6. Be a good driver yourself. Drive by example. Your kid will less likely be reckless, irresponsible, and aggressive if you are not.

If you have any additional questions on how to save money on your car insurance, whether you have a teenage driver or not, please get in touch with me.

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