Protecting you: Five reasons to revisit your home insurance policy

Things change. That’s why it makes sense to re-evaluate your insurance policy occasionally to make sure that your biggest investment – your home – is properly covered.

We don’t want you to find yourself in the middle of a disaster only to realize that your property didn’t have enough insurance.

Ideally, we would recommend reviewing your policy annually. But, you’re busy, and we understand that. Chatting about insurance is something that can easily end up on the bottom of a to-do list.

Here are five really good reasons to re-visit your policy:

  • You’ve just remodeled your home: Maybe you’ve added a basement office or replaced countertops in the kitchen. Whatever the change, make sure to update your policy so you’re not underinsured if an accident happens.
  • You’ve bought new stuff: If you’re like most other Americans, your accumulation of “stuff” goes up every year. You may have purchased a flat-screen television, added an anniversary ring to your jewelry collection, or invested in a new dining set. Make sure to include those on your insurance.
  • You’ve added some high-risk toys: If you’ve added a trampoline or a tree house to your property, come in and chat with us. Your policy may contain some exclusions – or safety requirements – when it comes to toys like that.
  • You’ve decided to work from home: If you’re running a business out of your home, you may have limited coverage under your existing policy. Take a moment and find out if you have the right insurance.
  • You’ve made your home safer: Installing alarms, deadbolts, sprinkler systems and other security devices can save you money on your insurance. Let us know if you’ve invested in making your home safer.
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