Team Member Highlight of the Month – Adam Judson

Adam JudsonAdam Judson is a talented and knowledgeable Multi-Line insurance agent who has been with the agency since 2011. He comes from a background in the automotive industry, where he trained car dealerships in all aspects of dealer operations. Adam fell in love with being an insurance agent and has made it his life's work to help families protect themselves from financial disaster.

He lives in American Fork with his wife, Candace, and four children, three boys and a beautiful little princess. Outside of the office, Adam fancies himself a power sport enthusiast. He loves taking his family to Moab to explore the trails in his side by side off road vehicle. In the winter he loves playing in the back country on snowmobiles. He dreams of racing UTVs in the Worcs Racing Series.

Adam offers the following Insurance Tip: I get asked all the time how to get the best rate for a teenage driver. First, see if they get the good student discount. Having a GPA of 3.0 or higher can save you 15% or more. Have them drive, and be rated on an older vehicle with liability only coverage. Lastly make sure they obey the law and avoid tickets and accidents.

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